Boost GbR

c/o Heap 59

Erkelenzdamm 59

DE—10999 Berlin


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Maximilian Mahal, David Kaltenbach, Lucas Rex

We’re a team of designers, enthusiastic about the opportunities that new technologies open up. We believe in design as the key to apply them in a meaningful way—it’s our toolkit to drive real innovation and bring ideas to life.

Boost was founded by Max Mahal, Lucas Rex and David Kaltenbach (f.l.t.r.) with backgrounds in interaction design, product design, and craftsmanship.

We initially set out to found a hardware startup with Shortcut in early 2017. We went through two accelerator programs and collaborated with market leader Ottobock to push things forward. After eight months we pivoted to focus on design services for other clients — and it’s been great. The work is exciting, often challenging and we get the opportunity to work with amazing people and companies.

Boost is our way to venture. We like all aspects of building a business. The studio is our vehicle to pursue our profession while staying independent.

How we work

We understand our clients as partners to work with in close feedback loops.

Our work revolves around the human being. We empathise with users and stakeholders alike to develop products.

We balance a rational, analytical approach with practical experimentation and gut–feeling.

We like quick’n’dirty — we use prototypes to experiment, to discuss ideas and to generate insights.

We’re curious to leave our comfort zone. We challenge what we can do and what we know to move forward.

Every project starts with us getting a feel for you and your ideas and goals. Write a mail or visit us in our studio in Kreuzberg and we can get to know each other :)