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Maximilian Mahal, David Kaltenbach, Lucas Rex

Each project lays out differently. We offer work packages for all parts of the value chain and taylor each process to fit the project goals.

1/6 Workshops & education


We offer workshops on the mindset and methodologies of user-centred design for clients as well as for universities.

2/6 User research & exploration

We work very closely with users and other stakeholders to ensure true relevancy for the products that follow.

3/6 Product vision & strategy


We help to build visions for businesses, that live outside of the box and plan strategies on how to achieve these.

4/6 Ideation & concept creation


Building on user insights, we generate concepts in quick sessions, to then narrow down very concrete designs.

5/6 Prototyping & testing


We think it’s very important to make ideas experienceable, and validate them in user-tests – going from rapid prototypes to sophisticated mock-ups.

6/6 Details & implementation


We accompany the implementation process, be it for app development, hardware engineering or injection molding.

It all starts with us getting a feel for you and your ideas and goals. Let's sit down together and have a chat :)